Thursday, 4 January 2018

Sexy Akshay Kumar song from the 90s.

Dont ask me why, but i found this entire song and sequence sooo freakin' hot back in the day. its vintage akshay kumar. the mullet. the unwaxed chest. the b grade film. the budget.. the edits. oyve. but he's sooo hot. and with loads of screen kisses. dont ask why, it did everything for me. still does ;)

Brief encounter: Muzammil Ibrahim in his underwear

whatever's happened to this Kashmiri hottie? long time no see. no news. no... nuthin'. such a hottie. hot Indian men only at

Shirtless sexy Sushant Singh Rajput at the gym in shorts.

dang. that body of sexy as hell Sushant Singh Rajput. Putting the Grrrrrrrr in Rrrrr. hottie. hot Indian men only at

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Tiger Shroff strips off in a sexy swimsuit...

oh em gee. that body. Sexy Tiger Shroff is getting hotter by the year. Fit as fk - which we always knew - this man is evolving into his lava hotness. We just need him to brave a sexy speedo like his famous father used to in the 1980s. We found another pic of Jackie Shroff in speedos we'll post soon. Meanwhile, ogle away at young gen Tiger Shroff on holiday by the beach in tiny swimshorts. We need him to discover the joy of a speedo soon...

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Will Bollywood wake up to the fact that this is the hottest hunk to watch in 2018?

Vidyut Jamwal is unquestionably hot. the perfect body, incredible face, the movie-star hair (its important - Abhishek Bachchan, for all his talent and zero sex appeal has very 'desi' hair.Attainable, approachable but.. not 'desire'able). Anyhoo, back to sexy as fk all Vidyut. On the radar but hasn't jumped into the A-list league yet. Just a matter of time before he displaces the vacant spot left by the rapidly aging Akshay Kumar. Vidyut needs to do more sexy shoots - he's not shy. And some editor needs to publish those damn shots. He's fit. fit. He needs lady luck to do him over at the box office. And then there's no stopping this uber hunk. All eyes on Vidyut Jamwal. SBM's one to watch.

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Hottest Asian Hunk 2017 is.... this hot hot, ab-tastic guy. Dilf.

click to enlarge

heard that in an online poll, sexy as hell Shahid Kapoor (dilf - new dad I'd like to f...) was voted the hottest Asian male. and yasss - we agree. that tight little toned body - he's super short but so fitttt. not an ounce of fat on him. plus he's just plain' ol' gorgeous. usually, guys with ok faces need the beard (man makeup!) but Shahid is that rare specimen that looks good with and without a beard. dayummm he fine. sooo fine. so cute.

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Hrithik Roshan caught topless... at the beach

The shot of Hrithik in a vest is the latest pic of him semi-shirtless... giving us a semi... Sadly, as my auto guy said, 'Kangana ne Hrithik ko nanga kar diya'. Since then Hrithik has been staying away from the spotlight. not posing in his sexy shoots anymore. whyyyyy hotties need to stay hot forever. even at 40+. sexy Hrithik Roshan forever. Even in his covered shots, you can tell he's got that kick ass body. sigh. so hot. so freakin' hot.

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